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During an Sullivan & Associates, Inc. (S&A) engagement, clients find we provide keen insight and understanding based on our many years of building jobs of similar size and scope. Often, we are able to provide immediate improvement suggestions to ongoing jobs as well as year-end profit. Further, S&A provides specific training and technical assistance in the areas of estimating, financial benchmarking, field operations, systems and procedures.

Sullivan & Associates, Inc. provides direction around the following core business processes:

Long Range Planning
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Long Range Development
  • Ownership Thinking Implementation
Operations Improvement
  • Systems and Procedures Review and Assistance
  • Estimating Assessment and Improvement
  • Management Financial Training
  • Board of Advisors Assistance
Crises Management
  • Company in Distress Assistance
  • Project in Distress
For more information, please contact Garrett Sullivan, President at 808.478.2564 or Gsullivan@SullivanHI.com

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